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Omec ICM1300

Omec ICM 300 Automatic Gluing

The Omec ICM300 NC controlled gluer applies the precise amount of adhesive to your dovetail joints, exactly where you want it. The operator sets the distance to the first joint, the distance between the joints, the number of joints, and the amount of glue to be applied. Once set, the glue is quickly and accurately dispensed by a single nozzle injector. Glue is contained in a pressurized system and end of shift clean up is minimal. A moist towel to clean the nozzle and a drop of grease on the end of the nozzle to prevent the glue hardening in the nozzle are the recommended procedures for break times. The optional NC controlled water wash tank is recommended to flush the system at shift’s end.

Omec ICM 300 Gluer video