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Stromab CAT 1 x

Stromab Cat 1

Cat.1 Spec Sheet


Automatic Cutting Centre


Speed and accuracy

Cat.1 Combines cutting speed and precision through solutions aimed at meeting the most demanding production requirements. The innovative design of the pusher and the technical solutions adopted in the cutting unit allows speed of movement up to 792 feet per minute with a positioning accuracy not exceeding ± 0.1 mm.

  • Simple and immediate programming thanks to the new software provided on the machine and the highly developed industrial Windows-based PC
  • CAT.1 Basic version + electronic unloader (photo)
  • Continuous-module loader
  • Driven by chains and adjustable pins
  • Pneumatic side aligners
  • Galvanized steel table
  • Pusher with aluminum profile
  • Pusher system with rack and pinion
  • Pusher powered by brushless motor
  • Carriage-gripper with an innovative pneumatic system
  • Hidden lower tail gripper
  • Pneumatic cutting machine with high-performance cutting cycle
  • Input and output side aligners
  • Outfeed belt
  • Electronic unloader with pneumatic cylinders

Stromab C.1 Stromab C.1Stromab C.1

The pusher slides on a rigid and precise extruded aluminum profile. (1)
The precision rack with inclined teeth pinion combined with linear slideways and special bearings for high-performance ensures a positioning speed up to 240 m/min. The brushless motor is positioned vertically in order to reduce friction and space. The motor, with its weight supported by the rack, reduces stress during the sliding phase. (2)
Long lasting and wear-resistant smooth table in galvanized sheet metal Between the table and the aluminum profile a slot was created for passage of the lower tail gripper (15. mm ) (3)Stromab C.1 Loader

The module loader is designed to supply the pusher avoiding downtime during the loading phase. With the new feeding system pieces are aligned on the pusher without having to wait until the end of the cutting in progress. 
Motorised loader composed of: 
No. 6 flat chain feeder groups with adjustable pins
No. 6 hidden pneumatic aligners


Stromab C.1 Stromab C.1 Stromab C.1


The carriage gripper is a unique combination of new solutions.
The upper interchangeable knife grip is placed on the carriage equipped with pneumatic lift. The lower grip is housed in the slot between the table and the profile. The piece locking system is equipped with a floating system in order to ensure extreme accuracy in positioning during cutting.

Stromab C.1 Stromab C.1

Cutting machine 
The core of the machine consists of a 7.5 kW motor and a 500 mm diameter blade. The upward movement of the blade is controlled by a high performance pneumatic cylinder.
Prior to cutting, to the right of the blade, is a side pressure roller. On the outfeed side there is a front pressure with a finely adjustable dual cylinder.
The top saw clamp casing which incorporates the dust extraction, is equipped with a double cylinder again with a finely adjustment stroke.


Stromab C.1 Stromab C.1

Exit table and Unloader 
The output equipment includes a 1 m flat table. Upon request, an outfeed belt and an electronic unloader with pneumatic cylinders (optional) is available

Stromab C.1 Stromab C.1

Software & Hardware 
The machine is equipped with a touch-screen control panel based on Microsoft Windows operating system. The intuitive graphical interface allows flexible scheduling of the processes (e,g splitting of cutting lists) with application of different optimisation modes (minimum waste, length, priority, volume, sequence) together with innovative separate management of waste and defects (waste splitting, fingerjoint, useful waste, reserve list).

Stromab C.1

Motor power kW 7,5
Blade diameter mm 500
Speed blade Rpm 3500
Cutting capacity: see diagram
Minimum cutting capacity mm 40 x 15
Positioning accuracy mm + / – 0,1
Maximum pusher speed mm mt. / min. 240
Feeding by rack and pinion system
Pusher sliding on linear slideway
Pneumatic tail gripper with double locking system
Nr. 1 dust extraction outlet diam. mm 200
Air consumption per cycle NL 34,8
Operating pressure bar 8
Table height from floor mm 900
Automatic loading width mm 1000
Useful loading capacity 4300 ÷ 6300


Electronic Workpiece sorter with belt and rapid kickers
Ink jet printers
Automatic reading of the timber section
Extended push-feed system length more than mm. 6300