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Stromab CT600
Stromab CT600FStromab CT600F

Stromab CT600F Angle Cutting | Milling

Stromab CT600F Specs

Cutting Unit
Pneumatic up-stroke saw with rotating table
Motor power 10 HP
Blade diameter: 600 mm F=30 Z=48 S=5
Angles available -70° 0 +70°
Table rotation by thooted belt
Angle setting by reading on magnetic strip
Angle positioning from 0° to -70°: 3 seconds
Positioning precision +/- 0,2°
Adjustable saw blade stroke by pneumatic control
Saw motion: fully automatic with pusher system or manually with two hands safety button system.
N.02 Vertical hold-down cylinders0
N.02 Horizontal front pressure plates

Cutting capacity at 0°: mm. 160×310, 80×390
Cutting capacity at +/- 45°: mm. 160×220, 80×270
Cutting capacity at 70°: mm. 160×90, 80×130
Dust extractions outlet: N.3 Ø 100 mm and N.1 Ø 160 mm

Feeding by rack and pinion system with positioning by reading on magnetic strip
Cutting list entered by keypad, remote PC via USB port or via Ethernet
N. 5 Optimizing criterias: logest size, limited waste, priority size, volume and y value
Working cycle with single list or automatic mercing of more selected lists combined by lengths having same section
Useful loading capacity from mm. 4000 to mm. 7000me
From n° 99 Cutting list – 21 Lines per list down to n° 1 cutting list with 400 lines
Positioning precision +/- 0,4 mm.0
Da n 99 liste di taglio – 21 misure per lista sinoad n°1 lista di tagli – 400 misure
Positioning precision +/- 0,4 mm.

Milling cutter Z= 4+4 diam. max. mm. 250
Boring diameter mm. 40
Milling stroke mm. 400
Adjusting milling width mm. 30 ÷ 200
Adjusting milling depth mm. 0 ÷ 60
Motor power kW 4
Nr. 2 dust extraction outlet diam. mm. 120