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Stromab FAST500 Opti Defect


Stromab Fast500

Automatic crosscut optimizing defecting system

Stromab Fast500 upcut optimizing and defecting saw system offers increased speed and cutting capacity without sacrificing accuracy.  Operating at ±2 second cut cycles and 396 FPM feed speed while maintaining ±1/64th accuracy. This cut cycle is 40% faster than the standard model.


TOP12 User friendly 12″ industrial touch screen control unit with access via ethernet or USB interface.

Graphic display of the programmed cutting sequence allowing you to see cut locations before they’re made.

3 Versions of optimizing criteria available:

BASE: Longest length, sequence and board sequence

OPTI: Longest length, sequence, board sequence, volume, minimum waste and priority length

DEFECT: Integrates optimizing programs from “OPTI” with a defect removal camera reading chalk mark cut locations.

Infeed Table:

Flat steel grading table for chalk marking in front of the inclined in-feed table for ease of loading longer boards.  All steel construction for stability is capable of handling large timber or cutting stacks of lumber.

Rack & Pinion pusher system gives a high level of long term cutting accuracy. Rack faces down eliminating debris build-up.

Pusher automatically raises and returns the length necessary to process the next board.  As pusher returns, camera(s) reads board length and with “OPTI” option, identifies defect chalk marks.

Safety Stop Control with cable break detection extends the length of the infeed table.

Start button at the center of the loading position for quick activation.

Infeed table length available in meter increments of 2 to 13 meters.  Accepts random length board

Technical Features:

10 HP Saw motor with high-speed action. incorporating unique features designed to reduce overall cycle times.

Variable saw stroke, speeds the process by raising only to the height needed to cut the material

Safety hoods with interlocks offers the highest level of physical safety.

Material hold-down acts as an added guard, covering the blade during the cut cycle.

Options Include:

Automatic belt cross-transfer infeed system allowing the operator to defect without slowing production

Automatic outfeed belt with multiple kickers that read parts directly from saw’s interface separating cut pieces by size

Label or ink jet printing for alphanumeric text, barcodes or 2d printing on vertical or horizontal reference

Pneumatic side clamp for added stability during the cut